About tl;dr

tl;dr1 is a minimalistic blog engine which only require a webserver with php installed.

Why tl;dr?

After having wasted a certain number of hours trying to survive the permanent security updates of WordPress and its plugins, the sluginesh of the webinterface, the rigidity of the themes, I decided that enough is enough and that I could probably do better myself. I don't have the pretention to claim that tl;dr is better than WordPress, but it definitely serves my needs much better:
  • do not need to handle large traffic2
  • able to handle large multi-page articles without making my life difficult
  • providing easy navigation in a non anti-chronological way
  • not requiring any maintenance
  • not having to worry about security issues
  • not requiring a web access to edit or post articles
  • easy to backup and modify

What about the name?

Well, these days on the internet the average person has the attention span of a goldfish and reading books is now on the way of becoming a lost art. On my side, I like to read. A lot. I read books three by three, on many topics, and I like to read long articles as long as the content is interesting and presented in an intelligible way. Since on my own blogs I found out I was writting longer and longer articles, full of pictures and notes, which in turn translated in comments aobut me writting walls of text. So, there you go. I called the engine tl;dr as an homage to all these persons who can't read long text: Now they are warned :)

1. Too Long;Did not read
2. I'm not a famous blogger and don't wish becoming one